When you call Elliott N. Tiomkin, he will give you personal attention. No more answering services who tell you “the attorney is not available.” You can’t predict when you are going to need an attorney. Day or night, call Attorney Elliott N. Tiomkin for a free consultation.


Attorney Tiomkin cares about his clients, who are often facing the most traumatic experience of their lives. He will use his experience to help guide, advocate, and win. He is not afraid to take your case to a jury, as he has done many times.

The firm’s fees are reasonable and fair. Attorney Tiomkin will fight your personal injury or civil rights case, and get paid only if you win. Criminal cases carry a flat fee retainer and we offer payment plans.

You have a choice when selecting an attorney. You get what you pay for. Get a fighter who cares about you.


Elliott Tiomkin is experienced trial attorney. Mr. Tiomkin has never been a prosecutor or an insurance defense lawyer. For over 15 years, he has dedicated his career to protecting the

rights of the individual in court.

An East Coast native, Mr. Tiomkin graduated from college with a dual major in three years at the age of 20. He attended a top-tier law school, was elected to the prestigious Connecticut Law Review, and represented clients accused of crimes in court under student practice rules.

Upon graduation, Mr. Tiomkin worked for the public defender, before starting his own criminal defense and civil rights firm in 2008. Since then, Mr. Tiomkin has successfully represented thousands of individuals and tried over 70 cases to a jury in state and federal court.

Mr. Tiomkin has handled serious and violent felony cases, including murder and complex financial crimes, and many cases involving police misconduct, illegal search and seizure, and violations of federal and state constitutional rights. He represented clients at preliminary hearings, probation violation hearings, motions, and writs and appeals.