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When you call Elliott N. Tiomkin, he will give you personal attention. No more answering services who tell you “the attorney is not available.” You can’t predict when you are going to need an attorney. Day or night, call Attorney Elliott N. Tiomkin for a free consultation.

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I was recently involved in a case in the city of Inglewood, Ca which I knew I was innocent. The courts appointed Public Defender, Attorney Tiomkin. He immediately gave me a comfort level after I explained my situation. Attorney Tiomkin stated he would fight the case vigorously on my behalf. Due to his dedication, my case was dismissed at the 1st hearing. I now have a entirely new outlook on the services of Public Defenders. He was professional and took my case to heart. I feel honored to be represented by a Public Defender that was dedicated to my case. Thank you, Attorney Tiomkin
Brenda P.
Cerritos, CA
Elliott Tiomkin quickly and effectively challenged an automobile insurance claim against me, which resulted in a re-evaluation and cleared me of principal responsibility. I'm grateful for mr. Tiomkin's counsel and professionalism and recommend him highly!
Reina M.
San Francisco, CA
Well Elliot is the best you can find he goes over and beyond for his clients how I know is because I'm his client and boy has he been going over and beyond for me and my husband even on a holiday when he could have been spending with his kids and family and friends but he took the time out of his personal life to help me out when I needed him the most. Victory was ours when Elliot was my voice when I couldn't speak and when every other lawyer that I came in contact with before Elliot couldn't help me but Elliott did and if you're looking for a lawyer that is not afraid of being a voice when a voice can't be heard Elliot Tiomkin is the one to be called on. Thank you so much for going over and beyond for me I'm forever grateful for you Elliott Tiomkin
Mrs.Francine W.
Encino, CA

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